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John Bourne & Co - Cart-away Services

Cart-away Services

We are licensed carriers of waste and as such have a duty of care to ensure that all waste is deposited in accordance with the regulations.

There are now very limited facilities licensed to take bulk wastes including inert waste. The tightening of the regulations on waste management has made it difficult to dispose of totally inert waste without taking it to a licensed landfill site.

These sites will only take totally inert waste (that is no greenery at all or the odd brick etc.).

Licensed landfill operators have an obligation, (which they pass on to us), to ensure that the customer has carried out all possible separation on site prior to loading away. On top of this the relative costs of disposal make it essential for builders, ground workers and utility contractors to separate on site wherever possible.

We are also able to offer a soil testing service and disposal for contaminated waste.


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